The Village Clerk

Judith R. Curcio


40 New Main Street

Haverstraw, NY 10927

Telephone: 845-429-0300

FAX: 845-429-0353


Every Village has a vision of its future. It is the task of the Village’s administration to measure, plan and guide the Village’s growth, helping the people of the Village of Haverstraw to realize their vision. Further, it is our pledge to constantly examine data, analyze trends and apply our skills toward providing useful information that will shape our future. As the custodian of records the Village of Haverstraw clerk’s office is the communication link between the citizen’s of the Village of Haverstraw and the various Departments of the Village. We are continually streamlining and improving the flow of information to and from our office in an effort to be accurate, efficient and always helpful. Personally I would like to welcome you to the Village Hall for all your needs of communication and welcome any input that can help with our vision for the future of the Village of Haverstraw

                               Judith R. Curcio

                               Village Clerk/Treasurer